Greetings Brothers! My name is Leshaun Jenkins and I have been appointed as Chairperson of the College Life to Corporate Life for the 24th Administration for ANCA. I look forward to meeting and working with many of you, if not all of you as you transition from college into your work professions.

Best Wishes. ’06.


Upon graduating in May of 2020, I relocated to Columbus, OH to work with JP Morgan Chase &  Co. as an Analyst in Consumer and Community Banking. Graduating with a degree in Business Administration, I wanted to work in a space that allowed me to think critically while also being focused on improving functions of the bank to, in turn, improve the customer and community’s experience with the bank. I saw no better place to start then with the largest bank in the country and the 6th largest bank in the world. This is a huge step in my life but I plan to tackle it head on and achieve everything I set out to. I have begun connecting with the Brothers of Alpha Rho Lambda and look forward to seeing where this journey leads me.